Anthony Sou

President & Founder
(630) 835-4415

I live in Hanover Park, and I am a happily married father of 2 wonderful children (Kyle and Kayla).

I was born in Cambodia and managed to be fortunate enough to escape with my immediate family intact. We had to abandon most of what we owned, but we counted our blessings because we had each other, and the hope of a new life in the US.  That dream came to fruition for my whole family and I will always be grateful to be a loyal US citizen.

In 2012, after my first fundraiser, I was able to embark on a mission of mercy in Cambodia. Our team brought food, clothing, and other much needed supplies to people in remote rural areas. While I was there, I saw that fresh drinking water was insufficiently clean and very scarce. That’s when the Clean Water Project idea began to take shape in my mind. With the unflagging help and support of some very dedicated people, we were able to complete 17 wells so far, that serve drinking water to thousands of people who could otherwise get only surface water, and precious little of that.

I say to my fellow Khmer-Americans to remember fondly the Khmer people we came from, and to reach into our hearts to help them to become what we know they can be.

With your support and the efforts of our team I know we can make a profound and fundamental difference in the lives of those in need.

KHK Foundation