Pu Kate

Vice President

My family arrived in America in 1981, and currently reside in Lowell, MA. In recent years, Buddhism has become a big part of my life, and I am a proud member of the Glory Buddhist Temple. I have been involved in many community organizations in Lowell including the CMAA, Big Brother-Big Sisters, Lowell Community Health Center, Coalition for Asian Pacific American Youth, and YMCA. I enjoy working and volunteering with organizations that are committed to changing the circumstances of the poor through empowerment, education, heath care and civic activism.

It saddens me deeply when I visit Cambodia and see young children working and begging for food when they should be in school and enjoying a childhood without the pain in their belly because of hunger, the sadness in their eyes because of extreme poverty and hopelessness. I hope to teach my son and my nieces and nephews and their friends that they can help change the circumstances of poor children in the world through volunteering and giving love and attention to their peers in need. I believe we have to teach our children at an early age to give and reach out to others that are in need of a helping hand.

Currently, I am involved with KHK Foundation to build schools in Cambodia and I am committed to the organization’s success and sustainability.