Sothea Nhem


I am a health practitioner, professor, and Program Director of Diagnostic Medical Sonography at the University of Chicago Medicine; specializing in Pediatric Cardiology. For as long as I can remember, I had always cared for and helped others in need. This led me to a career in healthcare and education, caring for the sick and helping people succeed in their life through education.

For the first time after 36 years, I travelled to Cambodia to see how the other side of the world lived. That trip changed my life when I saw how families were struggling daily to live with no food, no water, and children begging on the streets. I wanted to share with those struggling, the things I had abundantly in this life. I realized that the knowledge and skills I learned in life, I would later use to benefit others in need.

I came across KHK Foundation, and was captured by all their heartfelt work in helping families in need. I now work with KHK Foundation; sharing in their passion, vision, goals and objectives. And I feel blessed to be a part of an amazing group, sharing the journey in helping struggling families around the world have a chance at a better life.