KHK New School Initiatives

Promoting Education, Growth, and Community Involvement

Many rural Cambodians face severe challenges in meeting the basic needs of their families. They are often undereducated, have limited opportunities, and frequently have a difficult time providing adequate meals for their children.

KHK provides sustainable solutions to this situation with meals, education, and growth opportunities for children and their parents. The ultimate goal of KHK is to nourish, educate, and equip people with the resources they need to support themselves, their families, and give back to their community.

Please consider a donation. Even a small contribution will make a big difference to the lives of the children, women, and men the KHK Foundation reaches. (Contributions are tax deductible, but we know that’s not why you want to help!)

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Healthy Meals Program

Nourishing Bodies and Minds

The KHK Healthy Meals lunch program provides young students with the nutritious meals required to grow mentally and physically – subsequently allowing them to focus and excel in school without the pain and distraction of hunger. And beyond simply nourishing students, the program also provides a strong incentive for kids to remain in school, allowing them to learn more and become more self-sufficient.

After School Program

Giving Children A Reason to Stay in School

A typical school schedule in rural Cambodia is a half-day program, where children learn a basic curriculum of Math, Khmer language, Science, and Social Studies. During the remaining half day, children are often expected to fulfill family obligations and to help with the work of their parents. Most of these children do not progress beyond a 3rd grade education.

The KHK After School Program encourages children to stay in school longer, complete their homework, and continue learning. By providing activities in areas such as dance, cooking, music, art, sports, and farming, the program gives them a greater opportunity to thrive by expanding their physical, mental, and creative horizons.     

Agricultural Project

Educating and Empowering Local Farmers

Begun in 2016, after a local Stung Treng farmer donated land to the KHK Foundation, the KHK Agricultural Project teaches farming and agriculture, along with a general academic curriculum. Students acquire abstract skills at the Foundation’s Learning Center, then apply those skills in a practical setting at the Foundation’s nearby farm. Crops and livestock from the farm are sold at the local market, and, throughout the entire process, students also develop critical social and communication skills.

Graduates come away with a strong understanding of farming and agriculture, the ability to share what they’ve learned with local farmers in their community, and an authentic understanding of how to create wealth through education, skill, and hard work.

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