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The main KHK agricultural projects began in February of 2016, when a local farmer in Stung Treng, Cambodia, kindly donated some arable acreage to KHK Foundation. We are working with local farmers to cultivate the land. The farm is located near the KHK Foundation Learning Center, which will be used to teach students skills in farming & agriculture in addition to the general curriculum. Once the students have obtained some basic skills in farming & agriculture, they will be able to help out the local farmers in maintaining crops and raising farm animals. With the help of the local community, together we will provide education for the local students, provide training and support for local farmers, provide jobs, and bring in funds to support the farmers and the school. Crops and livestock can be marketed locally, and students will develop social skills and learn from the local community about how to create prosperity through education, skill, and hard work. Through the agricultural and education projects, we will be able to help the community come together and support each other for a better living.

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