Stung Treng School

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no need for our Khmer family in Cambodia is more urgent than that of a steady, sufficient, and reliable supply of clean drinking water.

But what then? The people will still need to learn basic skills — those of their rich heritage andthose of the modern world — and where possible, we must strive toward higher education for as many as possible to achieve as much educationally and performatively as their talent and effort will allow, in order that they may truly reach their greatest potential for the benefit of all concerned.

We are only at the beginning of reaching such goals in the rural areas. The schools, such as they are, do not begin to approach sufficiency of resources. There are too few teachers and too few adequately safe and complete schoolhouses.

We are working to change that. One schoolhouse repaired and provided with adequate water supplies and even a minimum of school supplies, will inspire more volunteer teachers, and draw new students with the hope of improving their lives and the lives of those with whom they interact.

Learning is something that can be formal, but many kinds of learning can also be passed informally from one person to another, just as farming and cooking skills are passed from parents to children.

We are in the process of acquiring land suitable for building a school, and building of as many schools as we can is among our ongoing long-term goals. School-building is of course an expensive undertaking, and we will seek as much funding as we properly may from public and private institutions both here in our US homeland and in our Cambodian homeland, and will continue to rely on as much participation as our direct individual donors so graciously provide.

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KHK was pleased to provide uniforms and other supplies to these and other young students. They will learn to read, write, and comprehend, in Khmer and in English, and will learn mathematics and other subjects in accordance with their talents, abilities, and diligent performance. Among them some of the exemplary students of insufficient financial means will be be offered higher education scholarships by KHK. Their continued sponsorship will depend on their continuing academic success.

We are at present positioned to sponsor only a few students, and we need your donations to sponsor more. KHK has over 4000 site-registered members at present, and we are growing in membership every day. If each registered member were to sponsor us with even a $5 per month recurring donation, we could build over 100 more wells per year, sponsor over 100 more students for higher education, build and staff dozens of schools, and supply hundreds of families with desperately needed relief aid.

If you would like to help in other ways, please email us at

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