During the many crusades against poverty, KHK foundation has met with and supported many families in need. Each family had their own stories of misfortune that brought them into the life they currently lead. One of these families had been especially unfortunate. We met this family in 2015, while distributing food to impoverished areas of Stung Treng. The story of these four children (ages 11, 9, 6, and 4 yo.) was indeed a story we will never forget. The children were under the care of their grandmother due to the death of their mother and abandoned by their father. KHK foundation aided them with the necessities they needed to survive, giving them food, clothing and other supplies.

The following year, we went to visit the families only to find that the four children had now been abandoned by their grandmother, who had collected everything, and left the children to fend for themselves. Appalled by what we had seen and heard, we posted a video to show the world the evil that exist and that we needed to find it in our hearts to help these children and give those less fortunate a chance at a better life. Word got around to the prime minister’s wife, and she sent authorities out to the village, brought the children to safety and found them a home. We are the voices of those who are not heard or seen. Let’s stand together and help our brothers and sisters for we may never know when we may not be so fortunate.

Written by: Anthony Ruth

KHK Foundation